Tuesday, August 14, 2018


I watched you drown
years deep
beneath murky memories, Plexiglas regrets
and unspoken fears;

as rotted roots and mental mulch mercilessly dragged at your limbs
though without invitation, insidiously insistent;
entitled by mere chemistry

I watched you forget the common place from one moment to the next
A desperate  manic glean to your eye as you fought for SELF recognition
moment to moment...
your mirror broken...

and I watched you
use a quarter inch of straw above the water line
to tell me you love me
your eyes daring me to forget
what you knew you would in moments...

the message delivered
your momentary peace found
until the need for shoes confounded you once more.

Friday, August 25, 2017

My Husband

Life just now is challenging to say the least…
While physical exhaustion erodes my joie de vivre;
While familial challenges and debilitating illnesses hit those I love;
While sleeplessness and psychic fatigue leave me stuck on a scratched record
of my own inner dialogue of growing fears…
you remain near and dear…
my rock… my refuge in the eye of the storm
Dependable and present
My constant friend and companion
Thank you for your love and support
A verdant balm for a scorched soul
the inhale to my exhale
My Husband